Cyber Safety for Children

Technology is good for our children as it educates and inspires their creativity; it also continues to evolve with the new AI-enabled games and toys. A greater number of children are using technology at an early age and are therefore capable of understanding the gaming tools and toys available to them.

However, they are exposed to a risky environment, and we must be careful and aware of cyber-criminal activities our children may face.

Attackers are always finding new ways of maliciously attacking, and there are various ways that parents can ensure cyber safety for children in line with the parental duty under the Children’s Act to exercise reasonable supervision over the conduct of one’s child by: –

  1. Being aware of the social platforms your children access and how they utilize the tools and applications they operate to prevent any online criminal activity.
  2. Be aware of the apps your children download on their devices and the type of data these apps run or collect. This can be done by checking the app’s settings and privacy policy by enabling an access control such as a password to block the installation process and seek your authentication.
  3. Ensure that every communication device in your household that connects to the internet such as gaming systems, computers, phones, and tablets is updated to enhance the device’s security features and help keep them safe from cyber criminals and viruses. When your device notifies you about a software update, install the update immediately or set automatic updates.
  4. Have a routine conversation with your children about cybersecurity and issues that have the potential to harm them. Sensitize them on unusual online behavior and encourage them to report the matter to the appropriate parties.
  5. Teach your children about proper online etiquette and appropriate interactions.
  6. Lastly, review login times and inspect their online activities. Check their devices frequently to be sure of what they share online.

At Riskhouse International, we are ahead of the game, and we are available to engage individuals, organizations, and groups through training and creating awareness on how to ensure cyber safety for every person, children included. Through our cyber security solutions, we are committed to ensuring a safer internet space for our clients and providing solutions on information security, network security, and cybersecurity management.

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