How we work with our clients

At Riskhouse, we use engagement approach that is based on our values and promises.

Our three-step process

We focus on content and agile methodology to conduct all our engagements. The duration of each step depends on the complexity of the engagements as well as our client’s expectation as to the completion of the investigation.

Step 1:
Preliminary Review

We conduct pre-engagement assessment to find out facts not limited to;

  • Knowing our client and the nature of the business;
  • The complexity of the client’s operation; and
  • The objectives of the client in the investigation.

Step 2:
Engagement Contract and Planning

We reassure our clients by accurately describing our services and the deliverables. We also provide a detailed work plan outlining the following;

  • The investigation scope; and
  • The turnaround time.

Step 3:
Documenting evidence and reporting

We invest on technology and innovation to stay ahead of the curve while gathering evidence in support of the objectives and scope. We further communicate our findings and recommendations through the preliminary and final reports that follow the generally accepted international writing standards.

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Why Choose Us

What make us stand out

Certified Forensic Investigators

We’ve got a dynamic and enthusiastic team who possess different skill set to give our clients strategic and useful insights on their needs in an ethical and legal manner.

Confidentiality Policy

We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry to ensure that your interests are protected at all times

Innovative Solutions

Experience, professionalism, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of forensic investigation services we offer to our results.

Continuous Improvement

Comprehensive, Forensic Investigators and Intelligence solutions – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Experience & Proven Results

Proven Forensic Investigators and intelligence professionals with a track record of success for our clients will ensure that you get the best services.

Professional & Experienced Support Staff

We ensure that you speak directly to a professional and experienced support staff to discuss your case. We offer bespoke services, tailored to your needs.