At Riskhouse, we examine the effectiveness of your Anti-Money Laundering/ Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) programs by offering the services below:

We conduct independent reviews to assess the design and operational effectiveness of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing programmes that have been developed.

We assist you to develop, implement and review your customer and third-party due diligence & enhanced due diligence measures. Further, we design / review your internal AML/CFT framework as well as checking the controls in place to enhance reporting of suspicious transactions both internally and externally (as required by the regulator).

KYC is an important practice in business and finance as it allows institutions to certain that their clients are not involved in money-related crimes.  We assist you in checking and screening your third parties on AML and CFT before entering into any business arrangement.

Through our data analytics, we conduct investigations into alleged AML incidences. This process involves identifying instances that meet the AML/CFT violation from a wide range of data.

We further assist you in designing and reviewing your monitoring process and adequacy of the systems used for transactions monitoring.

Our diverse team of professionals train employees in detecting money laundering activities such as depositing but not recording revenues, overstating reported revenues and expenses and also tracing illicit transactions.

The team assists organizations in creating Anti money laundering (AML) compliance policy and also the importance of conducting customer due diligence and or know your customer KYC. We further assist in checking on adequacy of AML/CFT Training program and conduct training on AML/CFT.

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