Asset Investigations Services & Recovery

Asset investigation is crucial for the successful recovery of proceeds of fraud and embezzlement. It is also through asset investigation that financiers can carry out proper due diligence in respect of assets they intend to take as security and investors can access the legitimacy of assets and ventures, they intend to invest in.

Asset tracing and investigation is also an important tool for creditors as it allows those who are considering instituting claims in court to ascertain unencumbered assets and obtain preservation orders against them to aid in recovery; it also aids in the enforcement of court decrees and judgments which would otherwise be hindered by lack of knowledge of the judgment debtor’s assets.

At Riskhouse, we combine our skills in forensic accounting, forensic investigations, financial & intelligence analysis, understanding of the insolvency process, and digital investigations to perform complex analyses and identify and trace assets of the relevant subjects to satisfy our clients’ needs including; due diligence, recovery of debts and/or proceeds of fraud, enforcement of legal orders,  identification of assets for distribution in family law proceedings, money laundering, resolution of disputes and assessment of cost-benefit of instituting debt recovery claim. With our support, our clients can identify and also assume control of available assets subject to the subsisting contractual relationship with the relevant subject.

We through the combined expertise of our trained investigators assist our clients in ascertaining assets’ position to allow them to make an informed decision when engaging in contract negotiations, recovering debts in an aftermath of litigation, enforcing international arbitration awards, addressing complex frauds including recovery of transferred assets in insolvency-related matters and resolving contractual disputes.

We also assist in identifying misappropriated assets, and trace assets transferred in illegal phoenix activities as part of formal insolvency processes or in support of ongoing litigation or fraud investigations.

We have forensics experts that have the requisite skills to analyze financial records, bank statements, contracts, and documentation pertaining to financial transactions as well as email trails to reconstruct financial records and successfully identify any fraudulent activities by directors or stakeholders of a Company.

The below aspects define and differentiate us;
We employ a variety of strategies to ensure successful recovery by integrating both physical investigative techniques and leading technology and/or digital tools;

    • Individual Investigations: – We tailor our solutions and approach to suit our client’s needs to ensure optimal results;
    • Cost-benefit considerations – At Risk House, we understand that our Clients need solutions that make commercial sense and that are financially beneficial to them, and in this regard, cost-benefit analysis is at the core of our solutions and approaches; and
    • Total Confidentiality – We ensure that our investigations are conducted with due regard to our client’s privacy.

Our clientele includes: –

    • Law firms;
    • Banks and other financial institutions;
    • Transport and logistics companies;
    • Manufacturing companies; and
    • Individual clients.

Our Staff and qualifications: –

We have a multi-disciplinary team with the necessary knowledge and know-how required in asset investigations. Our forensic staff includes trained forensic accountants, asset-tracing experts, forensic technology specialists, and deep-web searchers.

The team, which includes a team of lawyers with experience in debt restructuring and insolvency, plays a critical role in offering practical strategies for the appropriate legal remedies available to our clients depending on their needs.

The strategies we employ for clients are tailored, making the best use of our depth of experience and skills in asset identification.

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