It is crucial for every corporate or business to exercise due care and conduct verifications on individuals or entities to safeguard against fraudulent activities. Our screening services will provide you with complete information required to assess a candidate, potential business partners, suppliers and vendors to enable you make informed decisions.

Our extensive range of background verification services includes:

Screening potential employees is now indispensable for human resource professionals and business owners alike. Losing an employee is already a pricey prospect, and when you add in the cost of hiring and training a replacement it can become a serious drain on company’s limited resources. This makes it incredibly important to heavily screen potential employees to lessen the chance of having to bring in a new replacement.

At Riskhouse , we offer background checks on potential employees to reduce employers’ exposure to bad hires.  We, inter alia, verify the identity of the individual, employment history, criminal records, education, professional membership, litigation history, work habit and attitude, referee checks and eligibility for re-hire.

Third-party relationships are critical in business today, and include partnerships with suppliers, distributors, consultants, agents and other contractors. While such business affiliations are indispensable to the success of your organization, the aftermaths of inadequate due diligence cannot be overestimated.

At Riskhouse, you can trust our multi-tiered verification process to gather complete and accurate information about potential third parties or vendors.

We help you identify the pitfalls to avoid, and safeguards to take when involved in land transactions lest you find yourself in endless litigation or having lost your hard-earned money to swindlers,  or having your investments demolished because it is built at the wrong place such as riparian land.

We carry out a detailed search of all aspects relating to the history of that property such as the status of encumbrances over the property, the status of disputes relating to the property, the applicable regulations, and the status of compliance of such applicable regulations relating to the property in question.

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