Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals help institutions to respond rapidly to identify or confirm instances of alleged fraud, bribery, other misconduct and investigating matters relating to law enforcement and regulatory inquiries.

Some of the services we offer under Forensic Investigations include:

We take a comprehensive approach to managing digital investigations. Our services strictly adhere to the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines of the handling and analysis of digital evidence. Further, our experts have experience in using some of the best industry tools and licensed forensic software. Our scope covers:

Incident preparedness and response – We offer digital investigative services to enable organizations

  • extract and preserve evidence from digital devices
  • analyze digital evidence using advanced forensic tools
  • recover and process evidence on the attack vectors and perpetrators
  • produce forensic reports for management and litigation purposes
  • document forensic report for the management and for record purposes
  • provide expert testimony in Courts.

Forensic Document Examination – We conduct forensic examination on documents to systematically reveal how they were prepared or modified. Questioned material for examination may consist of identification cards, contracts, wills, titles and deeds, seals, stamps, bank checks, handwritten correspondence, machine-generated documents (such as those from photocopiers and printers), currency and electronic documents. We have expertise and tools to undertake forensic analysis of your questionable documents.

Our forensic document examination covers the following:

  • Handwriting & Signature Analysis
  • Document print analysis
  • Stamp & Seal Impression Analysis; Counterfeits Analysis (Documents & Currency)
  • Erasure, Obliteration & Alterations Analysis
  • Expert Opinion in Court of law

Data RecoveryHave you lost your data? We can assist you recover the lost data. Has your storage media malfunctioned and cannot access your data? We are enable to access your data and get you back to normal operations. Has your computer or server operating system crashed or encountered software errors? We can establish the cause and recover the lost data. Has anyone accidentally or intentionally deleted your data? We can recover your lost data. When your USB flash or your computer no longer recognizes drive? We can give you a solution. Have you accidentally dropped your computer or other storage media? We can give you a permanent solution for this.

Digital media storage that we can recover data from:

  • Internal hard drives
  • Solid state drives
  • External USB hard drives
  • USB Flash disks
  • Memory cards and SD cards

Data Erasure Services – Formatting your computer or external hard drive does not securely delete your data. When disposing, maintaining, selling, and donating your computer assets without securely erasing the data on them, your personal or confidential information is no longer safe until proper erasing of the information is done.

We leverage on forensic data analytics to draw insights and patterns from data which can then be used by the clients for decision making and building more resilient strategic focus areas to protect and grow business.

We also conduct analytics of varying data sources to uncover links, patterns and anomalies and present findings in legal proceedings.

We help to detect fraud and conduct investigations into any allegations of financial fraud, financial bribery, waste, misuse and misappropriations of assets and financial resources and regulatory breaches relating to finance.

Incase of any reported financial irregularities, we are able to determine facts quickly and accurately. We investigate matters relating to:

  • Fraudulent financial statements and other accounting frauds;
  • Potentially fraudulent payments;
  • Revenue related irregularities such as revenue overstatement or understatement;
  • Asset misappropriations;
  • Incidents of corruption such as conflict of interest, bribery, illegal gratuities and economic extortions;
  • Matters involving fraudulent disbursements, cash larceny and skimming; and
  • Inventory frauds.

We conduct Financial Forensics through;

  • allegations identification & confirmation
  • conducting analysis of existing data, information and records
  • gathering and preserving evidence
  • conducting interviews
  • reporting on the findings of our forensic investigations
  • providing recommendation for future improvement and
  • providing support in case of litigation.

We offer the following services to our clients:

Vulnerability Assessment – We evaluate if your system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assign severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed.

Penetration Testing – We assist in conducting Ethical hacking into the system. This entails the intentional launching of simulated cyberattacks that seek out exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems, networks, websites, and applications. Through the process, we seek to provide you with the deep solution to fix the vulnerabilities identified within your system.

Business Continuity Planning – Most organizations cannot oversee or predict some of the security challenges awaiting. We provide a detailed plan and strategy on how business operations can be maintained for both short-term and long-term outages.

Disaster Management planning (DRP) – Disaster is unplanned incident which organizations cannot control. We are here to assist organization resolve data loss and recover system functionality to enable it to perform in the aftermath of an incident.

IT roadmap Assessment – We develop and implement a strategic guide that can help your organization to understand system security challenges and manage cyber risks.

Among other system audits, we conduct the following:

IT governance Review – We ensure the IT processes are effective and efficient to enable an organization to achieve its goals. We review maturity of IT governance in relation to top management involvement in making the ICT decisions.

System application review – Through our detailed system application-level review, we assist to identify the key controls that are critical for the functioning of the system at application level and provide recommendations that will enhance system security and ensure seamless business continuity.

Database Administration Review – We seek to help towards establishing whether adequate controls are in place.  Among others, this controls include (i) User access controls (ii) Administrative access controls (iii) Audit logging (iv) Authentications and verification (v) Maintenance and monitoring (vi) Back up and (vii) Data restoration Test. Our review focuses on identifying key areas of weaknesses and providing recommendations to enhance controls.

System Post-Implementation Review – We provide a systematic and designed approach to evaluate whether the system implementation objectives were met. We also determine how effectively and comprehensively the system implementation was conducted.

System security maturity assessment and Management – We Test the system security model and check whether different system development stages are met. The following are the models;(i) Scanning the system (ii) Managed Assessment and Compliance (iii) Formalized Analysis and Prioritization (iv) Attack Focused Management (v) Optimization.

IT General Controls Review – Our team of experts will assist you in reviewing general IT controls which includes (i) Application security (ii) Privilege access (iii) User identification and verification (iv) System users’ rights, role matrix and maker checker (v) Audit trails, program, and configuration changes of the system (vi) Restrictions and controls regarding access to the server room.

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