We have a team consisting of specialist insurance fraud investigators who are able to obtain all the requisite evidence that allows insurers to question an insurance claim they suspect to be fraudulent. Our Investigators are capable of dealing with the alleged frauds using forensic techniques, experience and methodologies that produce successful outcome for our clients.

We have established a proven reputation in the industry for exposing suspected insurance claims which include:

Car accident benefits and vehicle repair claims – we conduct investigations that target staged and exaggerated accidents. We also evaluate the legitimacy of a claim and design measures to safeguard the prevalence of false and/or inflated claims.

Car accident personal injury benefit claims – we gather sufficient evidence to help verify suspicious claims. We also confirm the circumstances of an alleged accident and the state of the alleged injuries.

Personal injury / death claims benefits – we verify injury and death claims to authenticate their genuineness. Our team verify suspicious medical report, circumstances of the injuries and deaths as well as death notifications and certificates. We also confirm disability and restricted ability claims.

Third-party claim investigations – our professionals in Insurance Claim Investigation services possess vast experience for exposing fraudulent applications of claims. The modus operandi of a fraud claim generally goes with the road accident/other kinds of accident in which the third person are liable to claim for the damages. We have a dedicated team of investigators who are well versed with the kinds of investigating frauds under the third-party claims

Health and medical claims – these claims are investigated by private and public insurers. Both the practitioner and the patient can participate in fake or inflated healthcare claims, sometimes together, to line their own pockets. We carry out investigation to verify these suspicions.

People tracker probe/trace of beneficiaries – there are a number of different scenarios where you may need to search for missing or unknown beneficiaries. You may be presented with a claim where the policy holder has named a beneficiary that is unknown to the family or you could need to find a beneficiary that relatives have lost touch with. In such scenarios, Riskhouse can assist you overcome the challenge of locating missing or unknown beneficiaries in an insurance claim.

Retrenchments/redundancy compensation claims investigation – We confirm employment status for employees declared redundant under the life insurance cover with retrenchment benefits. We also confirm the reasons for retrenchments to prove or disapprove the compensation claims.

Workers compensation insurance investigation – we conduct investigations incorporating a careful blend of humanity and technology. We help you ensure that suspicious injury claims do not enter the system undetected.

Document examination – we conduct document examinations on alleged fraudulent proposal forms to systematically reveal how they were prepared or modified.

Insurance Agent fraud – we utilize Forensic data analytics to unravel schemes by fraudulent agents.

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