We protect the integrity and efforts of our commercial, corporate, and small business clients that hold intellectual property rights. Our resources, both human and technical allow us to approach every investigation under the premise that we will provide our clients with fact based conclusive findings that enable them to protect their interests.

Our specialized services in relation to intellectual property protection covers the following:

We gather evidence in relation to breaches of intellectual property rights. We have a team of experts that conduct investigations on passing off, use of deceptively similar and substantially identical trademarks and use of offending logos and devices.

We conduct investigations that target several product counterfeiters. We have been engaged by our clients to participate in execution of orders for seizures and impoundment of tons of counterfeit goods worth millions of shillings.

We take cognizant of importers of illegal goods who would sell anything to make a profit in utter disregard to consumer safety and the law.  We carry out investigations for government bodies and private companies by identifying the supply chain, gather evidence to expose the illegal importers and trap purchase to obtain samples to use as evidence.

Parallel imports, commonly referred to as “grey goods” are often genuine products that have been brought into a market by a rights holder in one territory and subsequently sold to a third party in a different territory without the consent of the original rights holder.

At Riskhouse, we identify the chain from the seller to the reseller.

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