To create an effective fraud prevention, it is critical that an institution makes necessary steps towards development and implementation of fraud controls policy.

Lack of proper guidelines and policies can often be used by offenders as an excuse when the question arise on why they are involved in the fraudulent acts. Creating fraud prevention policies is key towards ensuring there is proper guidance for all the staff which will ensure there is compliance and make it possible to prove instances where staff are knowingly acting against the interest of the organization.

We have a multi-disciplinary team experienced in the matters relating to policy development and review which is available to assist in the following:

  • Development of Whistle Blower policy;
  • Review and advising on Whistle Blower policy;
  • Development of the anti- fraud policies and frameworks;
  • Reviewing the anti-fraud policies and frameworks in place to help enhance anti-fraud programs; and
  • Code of conduct framework development and review.

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